Economic Region

Economic Region Northern Black Forest

Tinkerers full of tradition, creative developers, and successful pioneers settled in the Northern Black Forest Region and shaped the corporate landscape.

A Region of Medium-Sized Enterprises and Reference Market Leaders
A whole range of highly specialized enterprises settled in the Northern Black Forest Region. They benefit from the existing competences and delightful landscapes together with attractive cultural and leisure time activities.
The region is dominated by medium-sized enterprises from the manufacturing industry: many traditional, owner-managed family enterprises could have led their businesses to become market leaders – not least due to a high standard of quality. It is not rare for companies of the region – even for small businesses – to have export rates over 50%. They offer not only products but also excellent services that are optimally tailored to the needs of their customers.

Economy Meets Science
Universities and educational institutions of Northern Black Forest train specialized personnel. Five additional technology centers and incubators as well as transfer centers enable the region to build bridges between economy and science and as such, strengthen most of the medium-sized enterprises of the region. A network made up of communal economic developers, chambers of commerce and industry and handicrafts, universities, regional banks and saving banks, as well as the regional economic development agency provides a comprehensive support and service offering.

Best Connections
Situated between the industrial hubs of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, the region consists of the districts of Calw, Freudenstadt, Enzkreis and the City of Pforzheim. It enables the region to connect and cooperate with renowned global companies. Two airports – Stuttgart and Karlsruhe – are located nearby. The extensive rail network allows for an easy transfer of goods. The proximity of the region to the borders of France and Switzerland offers a favorable condition for investment.

An economically strong location
The business potential belongs to the greatest strengths of the region, particularly due to the wide range of skills covered by the owner-managed SMEs and craft businesses. These mostly internationally oriented companies are in many cases among the world leaders in their industries: this is why they can be classified as hidden champions.